Friday, 24 February 2012

Seema Gill

Jazz in the rhythms
Music of words
Tunes in syncopation
Images, concepts slashing
The Flamboyant air
Wandering around us

In between
Ripples in the wine
Of our subtle gestures
Clatter in the clouds
Whinnying laughter
Flash like pieces of sun
Flickering against
The large crowd
Dancing on the tunes
Of a devilish town
Lifting our words
On their shoulders
Truces and boundaries
Get formed on
The map of our hearts
Even without our consent

Like the transparent bubble
Of smoke from my Silk-cut
We slowly commute in and out
Of the tunnel of desire

All this I love
I also love your glance
Melting into mine
Turning into an abstract painting

Now I can't dare to part with it all
Do not ask me to
Au revoir my love
The grief of parting will stifle my breath

I wrote this poem sitting in a cafe, taking in the instant electric atmosphere dancing around me and a guy I had met in a provincial town of West Yorkshire. This poem was published in and anthology: TRIALOGUE,Verses on their tiptoes by Seema Gill, Mandy Oates and Anne Walker Fraser by Freyja Press.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Seema Gill

December rain trickles like
A dancer on the ice floor
As wild as the chase of a fox
As feminine as the sting of a bumble bee
which gives you the pleasure of pain
Everything is magnificently golden
Like the leaves of an ancient Oak tree
or an old memory pressed
in between the pages of your life

Barefoot laughter of children
Rainbow hopes of pensioners
Clothed desires of teenage lovers
‘Kamasutra’ gestures in the midnight spur
Credit Crunch speculations
Ribboned bargains in empty pockets
Diamond skulls on vampire stakes
Priceless glories of war heroes
Glisten like skeletons in the pool
of a imperial slush

We the penniless comedians of our trade
try to hold on to some slithering values
We write, sing songs, paint images
and communicate peace
Peace is a hiss of anger in the voice of a poet
A pinch of irony in the string of a guitar
Broken brush dripping red in the hand of an artist
While I stand here and recite verses
Baby P’s scared face flickers
on the tv screen like piranha

My fingers are beginning to rattle like Cobra
Getting ready to sting
Wealth and greed is a three legged monkey
sitting on my back, like a nagging lover
I wanna give up my warm and wealthy den to
are robbed of their childhood to trade for money

A metaphor rolls down from
my words like a fire bird
It wants to gather twigs of a revolt
to burn the norms of this sick society
It wants to lighten the dark souls
of those who rape children, women and the disabled
It wants to wage a war on ‘wants’
It wants to infuse energy on the cowardly
It wants to create shelter for the homeless
For the aged, for the victims, for the fallen
for the White poor, for the ignorant Asians,
For the dispossessed Blacks, the coloured,
And while the news prostitutes itself
like a attention seeking politician
I switch off my mind from channel noises

I see myself alone on the cross road
I take a walk to the edge of my mind cliff
I want to throw myself down in shame
A traveller appears in the horizon
Another, and another and yet another
We wrap ourselves in our funky eccentrics
We decide to do some real shake down
Against war, against cruelty against poverty of knowledge
My lover provides his Casanova affliction
We are fighting for peace, love and eternity of all this
I’m glistening like a firefly
Translucently, the peace becomes an eternal commodity!

This is one of my old poem published in an anthology!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


London February

Graces of February flickers
Role under my feet
And waltz of peace keep me alive
Foolish breeze touches my skin
Leaves me blushing by your side

Bare legged lilies, roses, violets
Slithering on the pavement
Empowering life’s height
Ruthless your voice steals my breath
Squawking seagulls towering flight

Turn this seasonal anxiety
Into your yearning for love
Surge through pain and sorrow
Show me the scars, your dreams
Will turn into a blissful tomorrow

How can you not be the
One I so long have aspired
Give me the reason to fly
Bless me with your blue riches
Take me higher before I die

Saturday, 4 February 2012

That's Why

Seema Gill

The world is glowing
not in it’s own warmth
but in the fire of resistance
Sorrow is raining down
not because it wants to
but because man have caused it
Truth is wavering
not because its blurred
but because no one wants to own it

Love is a shimmering star like moon to earth
not because it can’t come down
but because it’s misunderstood
Joy is wrapped in a glossy jargon
not because it doesn’t want to re-distribute itself
but because it’s everywhere
And yet I know why I’m sad 'cause
The world is glowing
with war, conflict, abuse
and dis-harmony!