Friday, 24 February 2012

Seema Gill

Jazz in the rhythms
Music of words
Tunes in syncopation
Images, concepts slashing
The Flamboyant air
Wandering around us

In between
Ripples in the wine
Of our subtle gestures
Clatter in the clouds
Whinnying laughter
Flash like pieces of sun
Flickering against
The large crowd
Dancing on the tunes
Of a devilish town
Lifting our words
On their shoulders
Truces and boundaries
Get formed on
The map of our hearts
Even without our consent

Like the transparent bubble
Of smoke from my Silk-cut
We slowly commute in and out
Of the tunnel of desire

All this I love
I also love your glance
Melting into mine
Turning into an abstract painting

Now I can't dare to part with it all
Do not ask me to
Au revoir my love
The grief of parting will stifle my breath

I wrote this poem sitting in a cafe, taking in the instant electric atmosphere dancing around me and a guy I had met in a provincial town of West Yorkshire. This poem was published in and anthology: TRIALOGUE,Verses on their tiptoes by Seema Gill, Mandy Oates and Anne Walker Fraser by Freyja Press.

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