Sunday, 5 August 2012

I am enjoying to let you in my colourful world of poetry, stories, novels and what I had been up to when I was there in Chandigarh, Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Dar es salaam, Uganda, Zambia, Harare, Botswana, Asmara, Copenhagen, Paris, Austin, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Huston, Temple, Winnipeg, God.... there are many more....then Bradford ( was member of 3 poetry groups, organized an arts and social club, provided photography workshops, drove mini buses, taught interpreting, worked in a hostel for homeless young people etc, etc) then my liberal soul didn't fit in the narrow boundaries of that city, so I 'moved' on this time London, then Derby now back in London again! Phew.....Yes sometimes I begin to lose control of my sensory oars in the river of time while the tide rises high to wash away debris from the troubled, polluted landscape. I am on my way to somewhere. At the main junction, finding myself in trouble, I get confused, now I'm stuck in the middle of a sea of faces, immobile behind the wheels of my journey, immobile behind the smoke spitting vehicles they are waiting irresistibly, wriggling their way to win the game. Time is a monster that chases them to run around its clock day and night, months after months, years, centuries, millennium, eternity. Time is an omnipotent emperor who subjugated his subjects to humility, destruction and defeat. The travelers are enwrapped in a purple haze of anxiety when things don't 'move' according to their wishes........

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